Cyber Security

Protect your club’s systems and data with our Club Cyber Security Services. Designed to:

  1. Evaluate the adequacy of your current system defenses.
  2. Establish a comprehensive threat defense using industry best practices.
  3. Proactively monitor your systems to assure continuous protection.
  4. Encrypt your system’s data to render it useless to any intruder.

This service package offers the best level of protection available for your sensitive member and corporate data – at an affordable cost.

Why Cyber Security is Mandatory for All Private Clubs

All businesses are required by state laws to secure their “protected data”. For clubs, “protected data” is member and employee information stored on the club’s computer systems. Each state’s laws are different, but essentially they require companies to protect any data that could be used by an outside source to steal a person’s identity, money or anything else of value. “Protected data” includes Social Security and Driver’s License numbers, credit card and bank account information, along with demographic information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, spouse names, children’s names, universities attended, professions, home states, and photos – essentially any data point that could connect an unauthorized source to the member.